Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why You Take Windows 7 as Your OS?

As Windows 7 is coming to be more and more mature and practical for Windows users, Windows 7 has taken a great part of the OS market now. Here I would like to lists some reasons and advantages of Windows 7, which may give a big hand to those who are going to buy a Windows 7 OS.
Advantage 1: A better desktop
Windows 7 gets you around your PC faster than ever. Thetaskbar has bigger buttons and full-sized previews—and you can pin programs to it for one-click access. Jump Lists provide shortcuts to files, folders, and websites. And Snap, Peek, and Shake give you easy (and fun) new ways to juggle all those open windows.
Advantage 2: Smarter search
Type in the Start menu search box, and you'll see results instantly, grouped by category—documents, pictures, music, e‑mail, and programs. Search in a folder or library, and you can fine-tune your search with filters like date or file type—and use the preview pane to peek at the contents of your results.
Advantage 3: Better wireless networking
Connecting to wireless networks on your laptop—formerly a bit of a hassle—now takes just a couple of clicks. Choose from the list of available networks in the taskbar, click one, and then connect. Once you've connected to a network, Windows will remember it so you can connect again later automatically.
Advantage 4: Windows Touch
Use your fingers to browse the web, flip through photos, and open files and folders on a touchscreen PC—for the first time, Windows includes true multitouch technology. With gestures for zooming, rotating, and even right-clicking, it's a whole new way to work with your PC.
Advantage 5: Fingerprint as Windows Password
It is easy for you to solve the problem of forgotten Windows 7 password issue if you use the Windows 7 OS. As long as you have created a fingerprint as your login password, you can never worry about how to deal with the password recovery on Windows 7 trouble. Of course, it is also easier to create a Windows 7 password reset disk in advance to preventing the password lost.

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