Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Take a Blank CD to Reset Password on Windows 7

There are many kinds of methods available to reset Windows 7 password if you have lost or forgot the login password for Windows 7, but the most popular one for Windows 7 password recovery with a Windows 7 password reset disk, which is really an easy and efficient way without any valuable data losing. Then what is on earth the effective way to solve Windows 7 password reset trouble with a password reset disk? We could divide it into three steps.
Step 1: Download a third party Windows Password Unlocker to Create a Windows 7 password reset disk
Windows Password Unlocker is special designed to reset forgotten Windows password by creating a reset disk with a bootable CD/DVD or USB. Here takes CD for intance.
1. Download Windows Password Unlocker Standard from its official site.
2.Insert a bootable CD/DVD to computer, and then select your target CD/DVD drive. Click Burn to start burning an ISO image file to a CD/DVD.
windows password reset software
3. Click OK when the burning task is completed
4. Burn the bootable blank CD for Windows password recovery
Step 2: Reset Windows 7 Password with the Bootable CD and Set BIOS to boot from CDROM
1. When your computer is powered on, press F2 or Delete during the boot to enter BIOS Setup.
2. The similar BIOS screens like the window below appears, and enter into Boot Device Priority.
3. set 1st Boot Device to [CDROM] & 2nd boot device to [Hard Drive]. Press F10 to save it.
Step 3: Windows 7 Password Reset with burned CD/DVD
1. Insert the newly created CD/DVD (An .ISO image file of Windows 7 Password reset disk) into the locked computer and re-boot it from the CD drive.
2. After launched the CD/DVD, you can see the interface of Windows Password Unlocker Standard. And you can reset the forgotten Windows 7 password step-by-step easily and sucessfully.

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