Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stay Away from Lost Windows 7 Password Trouble

Having a password on your PC might be a good way to stop unwanted people from looking at your data & fileS. However, if you forget the password, it’s a different story altogether. If so, how can we to reset the forgotten Windows 7 password turns to be a serious problem as there are so many methods for choosing. Then how to choose  a good way to reset the forgotten or lost Windows 7 password? Now, there are presented 3 kinds of well-recognized methods which can easily do your password reset on Windows 7.
Option 1: Take a System Restore for usage
1. Insert the Windows 7 an installation DVD into the DVD drive and then reboot the computer.
2. Press any key on the keyboard when the "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" message appears. Select the "Language to install," set the "Time and currency format" and then select the "Keyboard or input method," and then click the "Next" button.
3. Select the "Repair your computer" link, and then select the "Microsoft Windows 7" entry in the "System Recovery Options" window that appears, and click the "Next" button.
4. Select the "System Restore" option in the "System Recovery Options" window that is displayed and the "System Restore" window will appear. Click the "Next" button.
5. Select a "restore point" from the list displayed that has a time and date prior to when the password was changed, and then click the "Next" button.
6.Click the "Finish" button.  After restart has completed, click the "Close" button on the "System Restore" window. The administrator password has now been reset.
Option 2:  Take a password hint or  Windows password reset disk
A Windows password hint or a Windows password reset disk is easier and faster to reset or change Windows 7 password. But as is known, the two methods only make sense  provided that you have created a password hint or password reset disk before you forgot or lost Windows 7 password. Thus, when you firstly set a password for the laptop, make sure to create password hint or reset disk .
Option 3: Reset Windows 7 Password with a Powerdul Software
A  Windows password recovery tool takes an important role for resetting forgotten or lost Windows 7 password. Take Windows Password Unlocker for example, it allows Windows 7 users to reset the password with bootable CD/DVD/USB after downloading, which guarantees 100% recovery rate and make people relaxed with the friendly interface and pratical operation. You can do this password recovery with less than 5 minutes.

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