Friday, June 24, 2011

Take 3 Windows 7 Password Reset Tools In Use!

If you need to reset the password to Windows 7 on your computer, likely because you've forgotten it, let me first assure you that not only is this very possible, it's not even that difficult.
Unfortunately, aside from a password reset disk  there is no Windows-provided way to do Windows 7 password reset.
Luckily however, there are cleverly designed and freely available Windows 7 password reset tools that you can download from another computer and then use to reset the password to Windows 7 on your computer.
1. Ophcrack: safe and powerful free Windows password recovery tool
The Ophcrack Windows password cracker is by far the best free Windows password recovery tool available. It's fast and easy enough for a first time Windows password cracker with a basic knowledge of Windows.
With Ophcrack, you don't need any access to Windows to be able to recover your lost passwords. Simply visit the site, download the free ISO image, burn it to a CD and boot from the CD. The Ophcrack program starts, locates the Windows user accounts, and proceeds to recover (crack) the passwords - all automatically.
2. Cain & Abel:  free, fast and effective Windows password recovery tool
Unlike Ophcrack and other popular Windows password hacking programs, Cain & Abel requires access to Windows under an administrator account. Due to this fact, Cain & Abel is a valuable resource to recover passwords to accounts other than the one you're using. Add that to the fact that Cain & Abel is a bit more complicated to use than other password recovery apps.
3. Windows Password Unlocker: efficient, friendly and easy-to-use shareware
Windows Password Unlocker is one kind of Windows 7 password recovery tool which has great function on rescuing Windows 7 administrator password. With its simple operation and high quality, which is more and more popular in individuals, enterprises and government. Here, the step-by-step manipulation is presented for you.
The whole Windows Password Reset process can be divided to 4 steps:
  • Step 1: Download Windows Password Unlocker Professional and install it.
  • Step 2: Burn the ISO image file onto a blank CD/DVD/USB.
  • Step 3: Set your lost Windows 7password PC to boot from CD/DVD or USB.
  • Step 4: Do your Windows 7 password reset on the operation interface and logon PC without password.

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