Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick Tips to Reset Windows Password

Are you an administrator on the Windows operating system with multiple user accounts? Have you forgotten the password to one of those accounts and you are locked out? Then, provided you are the administrator who is locked, then how would you reset Windows password on Windows 7 /XP/Vista?
Well, firstly, you can reset the password from the command line.
Step 1: Just go to your start menu then choose “run” (or press your Windows key and then press R). Then in the box that pops up, type cmd and press enter.
Step 2: In the black box that comes up, type net user then enter. This will give you a list of all your Windows accounts on that computer.
Step 3: To change the password for one of these accounts is very simple. Say the Windows account name is asks and you want to change the password to mypa$$word then you just need to type the following :
    net user asks mypa$$word

Step 4: After pressing enter, you should then get a message saying “the command completed successfully”. That means the password has now been changed and you can now log into that account.
Note: With this method, you must need to logon with administrative privileges.
Secondly, if you the only user on the laptop and there is no password reset disk in hand, then how to do with Windows password recovery?
Keep relaxed and calm down. There are also many kinds of third party software which are definitely designed to reset Windows password in a high speed. Just take Windows Password Unlocker for example,  and all you need to do is to get this powerful tool, then safely reset the forgotten Windows password in 3 simple steps with its extremely easy GUI interface bya bootable CD/DVD/USB. This Windows password recovery tool guarantees 100% recovery rate and keeps all your data and files safety.

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