Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Reset the Windows XP Default Password?

Windows XP allows you to have multiple accounts, all of which can have a different password. If you forgot the password on Widnows XP for one of the accounts, you can log into Windows Safe Mode or take a Windows password reset disk to reset the password for the selected account. Of course, Windows XP has the special performance with a default admin password. By default the administrator account does not use a password. It's a good idea to set up an administrator password immediately upon installing XP and then changing the password.
What is the Default Administrator Password?
Windows doesn't actually provide a default administrator password. When you first set up an account, Windows asks if you want to provide a password or leave it blank. You could say that leaving the password field blank is the default way of accessing an account. It is, however, recommended that you do not leave the password blank. If you do, anyone can access your account.
How to Reset the Windows XP Default Password?
With the default administrator password protected and you can not login the  Window XP with the limited account, what would you do? Then how to reset the default password instantly? It seems to be a big trouble for Windows XP users.
Here, it is a necessity to recommended you to use a Windows password recovery toolkit, like Windows Password Unlocker. Windows Password Unlocker is the utility that can help you reset forgotten or lost Windows local administrator, domain administrator, and other user account password, which prevents you from accessing your computer. s. So, you can totally take this program to sucessfully recover or reset the forgot Windows XP default admin password.
Key features on Windows Password Unlocker
1.100% Recovery Rate

Efficiently reset various lost Windows login passwords, like local administrator, domain administrator and other user account password on all Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/2008(R2) /2003(R2)/2000
2.Support CD/DVD/USB Bootdisk
Support bootable CD/DVD or USB flash. It just takes you one simple click to burn such a password reset CD/DVD/USB in any computer that you can run as administrator and the password reset disk can be repeatedly used for a same PC after created.
3.Reset Password Instantly within 3 Steps
Reset Windows Password with 3 simple steps under Win PE
1. Download program on any PC you can access to
2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB drive in a few seconds
3. Reset Windows password in minutes


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