Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Enable or Disable Windows 7 Administrator Account?

Microsoft  includes the ability to create several user accounts on a single PC. This is advantageous in a multi-user household or small office. Several people can have private profiles on a computer, which means documents, photos and other files won't get mixed together. Users can also customize their Windows desktop. One disadvantage, however, is those users with administrator privileges might have access to overall computer settings and files in other user accounts.
Here is a quick rundown on how to enable or disable the Windows 7 administrator account.
The easiest way to enable or disable the Windows 7 build in administrator account is from the command line. Open a command prompt with administrator rights. This is done by right-clicking on the command prompt icon in the Windows 7 start menu and selecting Run As Administrator from the available options.
windows 7 administrator account Enable Or Disable The Windows 7 Administrator Account
To enable the Windows 7 administrator account:
net user administrator /active:yes
To disable the Windows 7 administrator account:
net user administrator /active:no
To change the password of the Windows 7 administrator account:
Net user administrator password
As to change or bypass Windows 7 password,  of course ,you can use the command line. But provided  that you must can login the pc with an available administrative level permission account and password
And another way to do so is to download a Windows password recovery tool, which gives the permission to reset  Windows 7 password without any limitation. Take Windows Password Unlocker for instance, it can be your assitant to do Windows 7 password recovery with a bootable CD/DVD/USB .

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