Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Remove Passwords From RAR Files?

Roshal ARchive (RAR) files are archives consisting of much larger files compressed to save space and facilitate easier transfer between computers. RAR files can also be encrypted with a password to prevent unauthorized access. When passwords are used during compression, the compressed files are encrypted using the password as an encryption key. Once they have been encrypted they are unreadable without the password. If you forget the password for an archive, you can use one of several programs to attempt recovery. These programs check a number of different passwords one after another, until they find one that works.
Option 1: Create a New Archive File Without Password Restriction
As a password can be set to protect the file from unauthorized access, when the file is double-clicked, the user is prompted to enter a password. But if you entered a wrong password, the file remains locked. Well, you can remove the password restrictions on RAR files by creating a new archive file.
1. Double-click the RAR file to open.
2. Enter the password when prompted. The contents of the file are then extracted.
3. Right-click the extracted file and click "Add to Archive." The "Archive Name and Parameters" window launches.
4. Click the "Advanced" tab and then click "Set Password."
5. Empty any text in the both password boxes in the Set Password window.
6. Click the "OK" button to save the settings. A new RAR archive file is created without a password.
Option 2: Remove the Password with a RAR Password Recovery
When you can not still access into the rar files with password protected, at this time you can take a rar password recovery tool to get in. RAR Password Unlocker is proved to be a helpful tool when you forgot WinRAR/RAR password and cannot open the RAR archives. It can recover RAR password at high speed via 3 attack options: Brute-force, Brute-force with user-defined Mask and Dictionary.
1. Download, install and launch RAR Password Unlocker.
2. Click "Open" to load your RAR file. Click "Open" again to continue.
3. Select the type of attack you want to use to retrieve your RAR password: brute-force attack, brute-force attack with mask or dictionary attack.
4. Click "Start" to retrieve your RAR password. The process may take several minutes to complete.
5. Click "OK" when you remove WINRAR password to exit RAR Password Unlocker.

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