Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Recover Files with the Document Recovery Task Pane?

When you are working on a document in the Microsoft Office Word/Excel 2007 application, you may have technical difficulties that cause the file to crash. When you reopen the program, the Document Recovery task pane will appear, allowing you to recover any lost data. Also, you can make the Document Recovery task pane appear at any time even if you file doesn't crash. The task pane can then be hidden and reopened from the status bar.
This article is leart to recover your files with the document recovery task pane with ease. Here is the how to:
Step 1: If the Microsoft Office or Office family program you are using is not responding, recover the program.
Step 2: Open the Office or Office family program.
Step 3: Review the files listed in the Document Recovery task pane, and decide which to keep.
Step 4: For each file you want to keep, point to the file in the Document Recovery task pane, click the arrow next to the file's name, and then do one of the following:
1. To work with the file, click Open.
2. To save the file, click Save As, and then enter a name for the file. By default, the file is saved in the same folder as the original file. If you use the same name as the original file, the original is overwritten. When you see a message asking whether you want to replace the existing file (with the changes you made up to the last time you saved the file), click Yes. Step 5: When you have opened or saved all of the files you want to keep, click Close in the Document Recovery task pane.
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