Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Reset My Windows 7 Forgotten Password on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Question: I changed my password, and then I forgot it. I deleted the guest account and I never made a backup disk thing. I wanna see if I can reset it, or do something? I really just want to reset it because I don’t wanna do all these crazy things I've tried everything. It's a Toshiba Satellite laptop that running Windows 7.
Problem: Reset the Windows 7 forgot password by using Windows Password Unlocker Professional
When you forgot Toshiba Satellite password, a great way is to use Windows Password Unlocker Professional to reset the password and regain access to your computer. This is the most effective and fastest solution I have ever found.
Windows Password Unlocker Professional is an easy yet powerful Windows password reset app. By using it, you can reset forgotten administrator and other user passwords on all latest Windows platforms, like Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows server 2008/2003. This program works for various PC brands, like Toshiba, Dell, HP, etc.
Step 1: Download and burn a bootable password reset disc
To get started, you need to download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional in another PC that you can run as administrator since you cannot access your Toshiba Satellite. And then you can make a bootable Windows password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive in seconds.
Step 2: Set BIOS to boot from CD ROM
Once the bootable password reset disk is created, insert it in your Toshiba Satellite laptop. Next boot the laptop to boot from the password reset disk. If create the bootable password reset disk with a CD/DVD, now you can set BIOS of your computer to boot from CD ROM. If you make that disk with a USB drive, you need to set BIOS of your laptop to boot from USB.
Step 3: Reset forgotten Toshiba Satellite password
After the Toshiba Satellite laptop starts from the disk, Windows Password Unlocker will appear in Windows PE mode. Now you can reset Windows password on the lost Toshiba Satellite password within a few clicks.
Select the user account that you want to reset password of, click Reset button, and then Click Yes to confirm your operation. The password of the selected user account will be reset immediately. A message will appear to inform you of this. Click OK to close the message. You'll see the software main interface again. At that time, you can click Reboot button to restart your computer. Please remember to remove the bootable password reset disk while rebooting sothat the computer will boot normally. When you see the Windows logon screen, enter your computer without password.
That's all, it's extremely easy. You can find more about it on How to use Windows Password Unlocker Professional from its official site.


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