Saturday, February 18, 2012

Forgot my Windows 7 laptop password

Problem: Forgot my laptop password, Windows 7 Home Prem?
I changed my laptop password at night, then I woke up and let my sister use it and she ask what the password was and I forgot it. How do I recover it? I tried the F8 thing and safe mode, but I still have to log in. Help me please
Solution:Reset the lost Windows 7 laptop password through Windows password recovery software.
1. Use Windows Password Unlocker if you want to regain access to the laptop easily and instantly. It's often regarded as the easiest and most efficient Windows password reset. You can instantly bypass your lost Windows 7 password in 4 simple steps through this powerful Windows password recovery utility.
1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker l in a PC that you can run as administrator.
2. Create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive in seconds.
3. Set BIOS of your laptop to boot from the bootable password rest disk.
4. Reset Windows 7 password to blank within a few clicks.
You will be able to log on to your Windows 7 PC without password. It's estimated that the whole process will cost you about 5 minutes, even less, no matter what level of your computer knowledge is, no matter how long and complicated your lost password is.
2. Try Ophcrak if you are confident about your computer skills, and can wait to recover lost Windows password. It is a free Windows password cracker that cracks Windows password by using LM hashes through rainbow tables.
1. Download ophcrack Vista LiveCD for Windows 7. (Please be patient for download as its ISO image size is very large.)
2. Burn the Ophcrack ISO image file to CD.
3. Insert the CD in your locked computer and reboot computer from CD.
4. After Ophcrack starts, locates the Windows user accounts, select one account and press the Crack button to crack its password
Though you can easily do your Windows 7 password recovery with these application listed above, it’s better to create a password reset disk in advance.


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