Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Windows 8 May Not Attract Businesses Too Much

While a number of businesses immediately welcomed the Windows 7 OS when it was released into the market, Windows 8 may not be met with the same type of enthusiasm. As the world waits for the arrival of the Windows 8 OS of Microsoft, a number of observers have indicated that businesses may not accept it wholeheartedly as some individual users when it is released.
Windows 8 will reportedly give users the capability of working on the Windows 7 mode. However, the availability of this mode on Windows 8 may complicate matters since the two user interfaces are not identical. Windows 8 will compel users to have two user interfaces which may take it longer since the applications for businesses have to be rewritten entirely to be able to support JavaScript and HTML5.
Although touch screens are essential for smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets, working with touch screens may not be as useful for businesses since it would not be practical to work on a spreadsheet using a touch screen. The wide display screen for Windows 8 may not be optimized when it is utilized in a different screen size. Another problem that may be encountered by companies is the fact that they may need to change the monitors of their PCs if they are going to upgrade to Windows 8.
This will entail additional costs for the business which would reduce its income. If businesses would integrate Windows 8 into their system, it will be necessary to consider expenses in both hardware as well as training of personnel. It will also be important to consider if the expenses related to integrating Windows 8 into their system will be a cost-effective move for the company.
If you forgot Windows 7 password without a password reset disk or an accessible administrator password, what should you feel lucky is that third party Windows password recovery tools could bring you out of this disaster, like Windows Password Unlocker. But what if you forgot Windows 8 password? Maybe we can expect more details on Windows 8 in September, when Microsoft will hold the BUILD conference for developers.

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