Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Use Biometric Device for Enhanced Security on Windows 7?

Windows 7 allows you to protect your logon and the UAC via biometric devices, but what if you want to protect certain applications, files, databases or important documents?
Is there really a need for Biometric Software in Windows 7? Windows 7 includes the Windows Biometric Framework that provides support for basically all Biometric devices, but you will need biometric software if you want additional protection.
Let’s find out how it works and check out some of the newest devices and biometric security software.
In the control panel you will find the Biometric Device applet that will let you control your biometric device in Windows 7 and create a fingerprint logon!

How to add fingerprint logon in Windows 7

1. Open up the Control Panel and click on “Biometric Devices”
2. All of your biometric devices should be listed there:
3. Click on “Manage your fingerprint data” and enter your password when prompted.
4. Next, your biometric device software should come up and ask you to “click” a finger to setup your new fingerprint logon
5. When you log into Windows 7, you should now be prompted for a fingerprint
Compared with Biometric device, facial recognition can under certain conditions not work properly, while biometric recognition works flawlessly and without any problems. Problems can be lightning, sunglasses, hair and so on, but a biometric device can identify your fingerprint with a probability of 99.99%. Nonetheless, you might want to try some facial recognition software on Windows 7 to try it for yourself and see if it works for you.
The above two methods can avoid from Windows 7 password forgotten issue. But if there is no fingerprint or facial logon, how would you do to solve password recovery issue? It is better to create a  Windwos 7 password reset disk or ask help for a  Windows password recovery tool.

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