Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Forgot my Windows 7 password and cannot download anything?

"I forgot my original windows 7 password and now i can't download anything. I need help FAST!"
Advice 1: Reset lost Windows 7 password through Windows Password Unlocker
This is the fastest Windows 7 password reset method I ever tried. You will be able to reset the forgotten Windows 7 password in about 5 minutes as long as you can find a third PC that you can run as administrator for downloading and installation.
Here's how it works: At first, you're required to create a Windows 7 password reset USB or CD/DVD through the Windows password unlocker software in any accessible PC. Then you can reboot your locked Windows 7 laptop to boot from the burned password reset disk for Windows password reset.
It's extremely easy to use. No matter what your computer knowledge level is, you can do the job on your own. And no matter during or after resetting Windows password, no any data damage or loss issues come up.
Advice 2: Reformat Windows 7
Another advice is to reformat your Windows 7 computer. You will lose all the data you had before, but hey at least it will be fresh, out of the box laptop again. If you don't know how, please Look it up on Youtube videos. Bear in mind that a setup CD or bootable USB is required.
Advice 3: Ask help from your computer maker
Of course, you can opt for calling support of the maker of your computer for help. Tell what your problem is and the maker may offer you an effective solution. Besides, you can resort to a PC expert in a computer repair shop, though it may cost a large sum of money.
Just pick the advice that suits you best. Please remember to create a password reset disk to avoid the same problem once your problem is fixed. Have you known that Windows 7 offers solution to in case of the lost Windows password problems? If not, you can follow the steps listed below:
1. Open user account window by clicking Start, Control Panel, Family Safety and User Accounts, User Accounts.
2. Click Password reset disk in the left pane, and then follow the coming wizard to create a password reset disk for your Windows 7 account in seconds.


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