Friday, July 1, 2011

What Should I do When I Can’t gain Access into Dell Latitude PC?

On a Dell Latitude laptop (as well as other laptops using Windows), passwords and other important data are stored in the Security Account Manager (SAM), which is a file readable only to the administrator of the computer. An administrative account on a PC laptop allows the main user of the computer to change certain computer settings. A password is required to access this account. However, unauthorized access can occur if the password information is made available to outside sources or hacked. One way to combat unauthorized access to computer settings is by resetting Windows admin password.
Then, how to reset Windows password on Dell PC? Is there any easier and more efficient way to solve the forgotten Dell admin password? Follow the article and find a suitable one for yourself.
Method 1: Press "Ctrl + Alt + Del"
Step 1: Restart the Dell by selecting "Restart" from the Windows "Start" menu or by holding down the power button.
Step 2: Press "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" twice, simultaneously to log in as the Windows Administrator. If you do not have access to the Administrator account, have the owner help you.
Step 3: Select "Run" from the "Windows Start" menu. Type "control userpasswords2" and click "OK."
Step 4: Select "Users." Select the desired user account. Click "Reset Password."
Step 5: Enter the new password in the New Password text field. Enter the new password again in the Confirm Password text field. Click "OK" to save the change. Restart the computer to log in with the reset password.
Method 2: Take a Windows Password Reset Disk
Step 1: Restart your computer and select the user name you want to use on the Windows Logo screen. Press Enter. Type your password in the message pop-up that appears.
Step 2: Click "Use Your Password Reset Disk" to launch the Password Reset Wizard. Click "Next" and insert the password reset disc into the CD drive. Click "Next."
Step 3: Type a new password in the "Type a New Password" box and type the password again in the "Type a New Password Again to Confirm" box.
Step 4: Click "Finish" to save your changes and log on to Windows again.
Method 3: Use a Windows Password Recovery Tool in Use
Windows password recovery tools usually play an important role in Windows password recovery. Take Windows Password Unlocker for example, you can reset Dell Latitude password with the program with ease by a bootable CD/DVD/USB. No, you can go ahead and reset dell password.

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