Monday, July 11, 2011

Forgot Windows XP Password on Dell Laptop?

Problem: Forgot Windows XP Password on Dell Laptop
I have a Dell laptop that has no CD-ROM drive. I wanted to get rid of it, but wanted to delete all my old files first. The problem is I have not used it for over 4 years - so I have no idea what the password is. I tried the 'Administrator' with no password, but still could not get in. Is there any way to get in still or how can I recover the forgotten Windows password on XP?
Solution: Reinstall Windows or Reset Windows XP Password
Considering that the asker wants to delete all the files on his old Dell computer, so the first advice is to format hard disk and reinstall Windows if the asker has a Windows setup CD at hand. Please be aware of that it’s not recommended if the computer files are still important for you.
In addition to reinstall Windows, another suggested way is to seek for an easy-to-use yet powerful Windows password recovery tool, which enables you to get back in your Windows again when you forgot its password. The reliability, speed, ease-of-use, price and so on are the factors you should take into consideration based on your actual needs.
A highly shared Windows password recovery application among lost Windows password users is Windows Password Unlocker Professional. With this effective program, users are able to instantly regain access to computer by resetting forgotten Windows password to blank in 5 minutes.
Since Windows Password Unlocker Professional is designed for all users, you can easily and fast reset your lost Windows XP password by taking advantage of this program, no matter what the level of your computer knowledge is. In initial, you need to download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional in a computer that you can run as administrator, then burn a bootable password reset disk with a USB flash drive. It only takes you one click.
When the bootable password reset USB flash drive is created, please insert it in the locked computer and set BIOS of the computer to boot from the bootable USB drive for Windows XP password reset. This process will cost you only 1-2 minutes within a few clicks. Once the password is reset, you can access your computer without password.
No any computer data or settings will be lost or damaged during or after Windows password recovery. So you can feel at ease when using Windows Password Unlocekr Professional. And if you forgot Windows 7/Vista/2008/2003/2000 password, this powerful program will also be your ideal choice.

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