Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 Proven Methods to Reset Sony Vaio Password

The Sony Vaio is a laptop computer that runs the Windows operating system. Windows allows you to create accounts for multiple users who can access your computer, including an administrator. In order to make major changes to the operating system like installing and removing software, you need your administrator password. Resetting your administrator password on a Sony Vaio is the same process as resetting Sony Vaio password on any computer running the Windows operating system.
Method 1. Turn on your Sony Vaio and log in to your computer as either an administrator or any other user that has administrator access.
1. Click the "Start" menu and type "control userpasswords2" into the search box. If you are using Windows XP, click "Start" and then "Run" and then type the command. A dialog box appears labeled "Password for Administrator."
2. Click the "Reset Password" button in the dialog box. At this point you are prompted to enter a new password.
3. Choose and enter a password that you can remember, but is also complex enough not to be stolen or hacked. Use a combination of letters and numbers. Click "OK" to save your settings, and the administrator password is now reset on your Sony Vaio.
Method 2: Type with "ctrl + alt + del"
1. Press the "Control," "Alt" and "Delete" buttons all at once to bring up a new menu.
2. Click on the "Change Password" tab.
3. Type the old system password into the prompt.
4.Type your new password into the "New Password" box and then type it into the "Confirm Password" box.
Method 3: a well-known Windows password recovery tool
There are many Windows password recovery tools in the market which help you reset the forgot Sony Vaio password with ease. Windows Password Unlocker is one of the most portable and effective tools which allows to reset Sony password with a bootable CD/DVD/USB with less than 5 mins.
Thus,  if you forgot Windows password for Sony Vaio,  you can select one of the most suitable one to reset it.

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