Monday, June 27, 2011

Windows 7 Accounts for 20% of Business PC UsersWindows 7 Accounts for 20% of Business PC Users

By the end of March 2011, Windows 7 was powering 20.9 percent of corporate PCs around the word, according to a new Research report from Forrester after surveying more than 400,000 client PCs from 2500 different companies by the firm. It was more than twice the 9.5 percent use measured by Forrester in April 2010.
Even so, the 10-year-old Windows XP operating system still dominates the corporate desktop market at present. The data from the Forrester research report shows that Windows XP continues to account for 60% of corporate desktops.  But its use decreased from 67.5 percent in April 2010 to 59.9 percent in March 2011.

The pace of Windows 7 adoption is accelerating, according to the report. It predicts that the usage of Windows 7 is going to be around 83% from news PCs over the year as the usage of Windows XP is going to diminish very soon. The usage of Windows XP has already taken a dip of 9% from last year when its share was 69%.
Without doubt, there will be more computer problems about Windows 7 with the increasing adoption of Windows 7. For instance,  you’ll find lots of problems concerning Windows 7 password reset though users are able to create a Windows password reset disk in advance by using its built-in tools to in case of a lost Windows 7 password.

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