Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Get Into If You Forgot Windows Vista Password?

Did you forget Windows Vista password? Oh no! Not to fear though there are ways to get back in, and I will lead you through the steps of password recovery, if your forgot your password, or it's a lost password, this article is for you! Now, take a rest and calm down and prepare something for Windows password recovery.
First before we go on to the in depth steps, are you sure you can't remember and you forgot password? Have you thought of everything? Dates, names, places, foods, birthdays, etc?
No? Still can't remember? Ok, not a problem. You have the choices to reset Windows Vista password as follow:
1. If your the administrator then your in a pickle! It is easy to
2. If that fails the only other way would be to reinstall Windows....
3. If this hasn't happened to you, please, please prevent this by creating a Windows Vista password reset disk, do this by following the next set of steps:
4. You need to try some Windows password recovery tools, that will help to make your password recover. I have listed a couple of Freeware programs in the resources that is very helpful on password recovery.
1) Ophcrack: Ophcrack is a Linux-based Windows password recovery program. If you have forgotten your user or administrator password, or purchased a used computer and it requires a password, Ophcrack will usually be able to recover it. Ophcrack is normally run from a bootable CD, but it can also be loaded into a USB drive. There are versions for Windows XP and Vista, but it will also work with Windows 7.
2)  Windows Password Unlocker: It can help you reset forgotten or lost Windows local administrator, domain administrator, and other user account password, which prevents you from accessing your computer. With this efficient Windows password recovery utility, you can enjoy quick access to your locked computer without formatting, no matter what your PC brand and Windows OS are. 100% recovery rate guaranteed.

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