Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Can Windows 7 System Restore DO for You?

What is System Restore?
If you have a system failure or another problem on your computer, you can use the System Restore function to return your computer to an earlier operating state which may resolve those issues. However, sometimes upon doing a System Restore, you'll find that the problems are still there--or perhaps are even worse. At this point it may be a good idea to undo the System Restore and try to solve the problem with your computer a different way.

Why Use System Restore?
After you install software it makes changes to the registry or delete files, and sometimes you may even modify some settings knowingly or unknowingly. It is possible that the system may start crashing or become unstable. If that happens you can undo all this changes and restore the system to earlier time by using System Restore Utility.
What does System restore do?
It is like undo.It puts your computer  back to a previous state of use that was available before you had problems. It does this by periodically taking a snapshot of your system. These snapshots are called restore points.
Restores points are created when you make any significant changes, like adding new applications or installing a driver. But you can also manually create restore points. The upshot is that these Restore points can help you restore the whole system back to a previous post.
Problems with System Restore in Previous Versions of Windows
Both XP and Vista had similar issues with system restore. It was an all or nothing environment.  Son if you needed to use it, you were forced to restore the full system. You also weren’t able to look inside your System restore files, so you could not restore just one single file or folder. You also cannot restore specific part of your like just System files, or User data.
Windows 7 System Restore
Windows 7 System Restore utility has now merged with the Windows Backup utility. You can now use System Restore with Advance recovery to restore the system using previously created System Images or even restore your computer to its original settings.
Of course, you can also use the Windows 7 system restore for your Windows 7 password forgotten trouble if it happens to you for creating a system repair disk. Of course, you can also take use a Windows 7 password recovery tool instead, which often performs a good powerful role for the forgotten Windows 7 password pc.

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