Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Unusual Ways for Windows 7 Password Reset

With the ability to apply password, it has become fairly simple for a user to safeguard files and data. It is no longer a threat to save data on the computer, unless the password is either hacked, or given to a non-reliable person. That is why, Windows and other application providers urge the users to change the password on a regular basis. Though this procedure, if followed by people helps them avert non-ethical usage of their system or data, they are susceptible to another problem. They lose or forget their Windows password. Such a situation is, not only unavoidable, but also creates a lot of problem for the actual user. Unless, they have a strategy in place to do Windows 7 password reset. Here, Iwould like to intruduce some kinds of unusual ways to reset the forgotten Windows 7 password as follow:
1. Restore Windows 7 to a previous state
If you configured a new password recently and can still remember the password you used before, then you can restore Windows to a point in time before you changed the password. The Restore function of Windows 7 will make sure that you don’t lose personal data. However, programs that have been installed since the corresponding restore point have to be installed again. All you need for this procedure is a Windows 7  setup DVD.  This approach can also work with Windows Vista but not Windows XP.
2. Use the Sticky Keys trick to reset the Windows 7 password
The Sticky Keys trick to restore a forgotten administrator password is reliable, easy to carry out, and does not require third-party software. All you have to do is boot up from a Windows 7 setup DVD, launch the Windows Recovery Environment (RE), and then replace the sethc.exe file with cmd.exe.
3. Offline enable the built-in administrator account in Windows 7
This method is useful if no other user account on this machine has administrator privileges. You also need a Windows setup DVD . With this DVD you can boot up Windows RE and edit the Registry to offline enable the built-in administrator account. After you enable the built-in Administrator, you can log on with this account without requiring a password and then reset the Windows password of any user account. This method is also used for Windows Vista.
These above 3 methods are not used in common when we need to bypass the password on Windows 7. Of course, if you feel a little complex with them, you can try to download a third party Windows password recovery tool for usage. Windows Password Unlocker is such kind that guarantees to do your 100% recovery rate on Windows 7 password reset.

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