Friday, June 17, 2011

Lost Windows 7 Password, What to Do Now?

I like the Windows 7 security feature that allows me to create a strong password to protect my personal information from prying eyes. What I don't like is when the OS refuses me to log in as I fail to remember the password, which is what happened to my friend - David:
“ I've had my Windows 7 laptop for about half of a year and just decided to put a password on my only  admin user account a few days ago, but now cannot remember what I chose.  I search online and find a solution d that I could go into my Admin account through safe mode and reset my lost Windows 7 password. But it required me to enter a password when I tried to go safe mode.
I know that I also can reset the admin password with another administrator account or a password reset disk as suggested by Microsoft. The problem is that the only accessible account left is a standard user account. As for a password reset disk, I have no idea where I can get such a disk.
I simply can't wipe everything on my computer by re-installing Windows as there lots of precious data. Is there any other way that I can recover or reset my lost Windows 7 password?”
There are a many factors can lead PC users to forget their Windows login passwords while many easy fixes available to get rid of a lost windows 7 password, though some work for specific conditions. As far as I’m concerned, the best choice to use a Windows Password Unlocker tool to reset Windows 7 password under that circumstance.
With Windows Password Unlocker, you can simply create a bootable password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive with one-click. And when you set Bios of the locked Windows 7 laptop to boot from the bootable disk, you’ll find all your user accounts on this laptop under WinPE, where you can follow the instructions to reset forgotten password to blank.
The whole windows 7 password recovery process will cost you no more than 5 minutes by following its step-by-step user guide with clear screenshots or video user guide. And during or after password recovery, no any damage or loss will occur to your computer data and settings. What’s more, there are 3 editions for your choice sothat you will not have to pay for the features you don’t need.


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