Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Reset a Windows User Password With Admin Account?

Personal user accounts and passwords make it easy for multiple people to use one computer. Users can save their individual settings, Internet bookmarks and documents to make for a more personalized experience. If you forget Windows  password or need to log in to a user account you don't have access to, reset the password using the computer's administrator account. Logging in to the administrator account will allow you to reset the current lost Windows password of user account  and set a new one.
Of course, when you use an administrator account to reset the Windows‌ password for any other user account, the account with the reset password will lose access to its encrypted files, e‑mail messages that are encrypted, and stored passwords for websites or network resources. If the user account doesn't have any of these things, or the user doesn't mind losing them, then using an administrator account to reset the password is a fast and easy way to recover from a forgotten password.
The following steps will guide you on how to reset Windows user password with the admin account.
Step 1. Log in to the computer's administrator account.
Step 2. Click the "Start" button on your task bar.
Step 3. Navigate to the "Search" box and input "lusrmgr.msc" into the field.
Step 4. Press "Enter" on your keyboard.
Step 5. Double click "Local Users and Groups" in the window that appears. Then click "Users."
Step 6. Right click the user account you want to reset the password for, then click the "Set Password" option.
Step 7. Type in a new password. Confirm the new password by typing it in the confirmation field. Click "OK."
Ok, now you are sucessful in performing Windows password recovery on a user account with the admin account But there is another condition that, if you do not own the admin level right or the admin password is lost, how to deal with? Well, a good advice is to take a Windows password recovery tool, like Windows Password Unlocker, which can reset the password with high efficiency.

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