Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Reset Domain Administrator Password with USB Flash Drive?

It is well known that Widows XP and its further visions allow PC users to create a password reset disk to if by any chance that we forget or lost Windows password. But the password reset disk can be only created to reset Windows local password, like Windows administrator password and user password. But if you forget Windows domain password, this password reset disk  feature is not available for you to reset domain password. Have you ever lost domain password and what do you do to reset Windows domain password? Before learning the method to reset domain password, you need to learn what Windows domain is.
What is Windows domain?
A Windows domain is basically a collection of user accounts and computer accounts that are grouped together so that they can be centrally managed. According to Wiki, a Windows Server domain is a logical group of computers running versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system that share a central directory database. Each person who uses computers within a domain receives his or her own unique account, or user name. This account can then be assigned access to resources within the domain.
A Windows Server domain is generally suited for businesses and organizations when more than 10 PCs are in use. And each company is not limited to a single domain. For example, if a company had offices in several different cities, then each office might have its own domain. If an enterprise has many computers and user accounts, it is very necessary for it to create a Windows domain to achieve efficient management.

How to reset Windows domain password?
If you forget Windows domain password, you can turn to domain administrator to reset Windows domain password. But if you are Windows domain administrator, what would you to reset domain administrator password?
As we know, we can still reset Windows local password with Windows reset software if we forget to create a Widows password reset disk. Some Windows password reset also support Windows domain administrator password recovery. Take Windows Password Unlocker for example, its Enterprise edition not only allow users to reset Windows local password on all popular Windows systems, but also provides enterprises an easy and safe way to reset domain administrator password on Windows Server 2008/2003/2000.
Here are steps to reset domain administrator password with a USB Flash Drive :
Step1: Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise in any computer.
Step 2: Start the program and insert a USB in computer.
Step 3: Burn the bootable password reset USB disk with Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise.
Step 4: Insert the burned USB in your computer with domain administrator password lost.
Step 5: Set your computer to boot from USB.
Step 6: Select the way to reset domain administrator password.
There are 2 options for you to reset domain password:
Option 1: If it is the built-in domain administrator account, please click the Reset button under Reset the default domain administrator.
Option 2: If it is not the built-in administrator, but a domain account with domain administrator privileges, please click the Create button under Create a specified domain administrator.
Step 7: Click Ok to confirm your operation, and then click OK when the domain password has been successfully reset.
If you choose option 1, you can log on Windows domain with the user name of administrator and password of Pu123456. If you select option 2 to reset domain administrator password, you can log on domain with the user name of unlocker and domain password of Pu123456. You can also use CD/DVD  to reset Windows domain administrator password. And for detailed steps, you can visit:


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