Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Reset Windows XP Password If You Forgot?

One of my friend forgot his  Windows XP password weeks ago. Then he was told to reset the password with reinstalling the Windows OS. He did this and then he reset the forgotten xp password.
Though I do not think it is a good way and reset the fogotten Windows XP password, sometimes we still need to reinstall the OS for Windows password recovery issue. Then, here I would like to share with how to reinstall the Windows xp?This pretty basic tutorial will show you the way to install a fresh copy of windows OS on your PC.
First, open your disc tray and put in your windows install disc
Then, reboot your computer with the disc in and you will see a message that looks something like this: Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.
Then, when windows finishes copying files,  saying  something like “Disc one – (#)Megabytes”
Then, delete the used partition. To do so, hit the D key and accept the warning message(s). You will now have Unpartitioned Space.
After that, install Windows to the unpartitioned space. You should see what key to press on the screen.
At last, follow the windows setup guide and you will be set with a fresh copy of Windows on your computer!
Of course, this is the last choice to reinstall the Windows xp if you encounter the forgotten Windows xp problem,which may cause or wipe the data on your pc. Here I think it is better to get some knowledge of some Windows password recovery tools that can allows you to reset xp password with a bootable disk and nothing will be lost. Some freeware like Ophcrack, PC Login Now, or worthwhile like Windows Password Unlocker, Windows Password Breaker or Rekey Windows Password Recovery. They are all powerful to do Windows password recovery.

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