Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick Enjoyment for A New Era of PCs

With the development of science and technology, we also should keep pace with the times that the PCs also come in a new era. Today, we are going to ahve a quick start with the chief delegates of PCs.
According to a research, we found that the 4 following are the newest and most popular ones.
Top1: Samsung ATIV Smart PC
Have fun with it as a tablet. Get down to business with it as a laptop. Whatever you need, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC puts it all at your fingertips. 
Price:  $649.99–749.00
1. Magnetic appeal 
Just set it on the magnetic base and you have all the capabilities of a laptop right in front of you.
2. Movie marathon
With the Samsung ATIV Smart PC, you can watch 8 straight hours of video on a single charge.
3. Creativity unleashed
Get creative with the S-pen to make notes, draw, and edit pictures, all on your tablet.

Top2: Dell XPS Duo 12
 Price: $1,199.00
1. Powerful and portable 
enjoy the convenience of a fully connected and media-savvy tablet
2. Bright and light
The pristine 12.5-inch Full HD display panel with durable Corning Gorilla Glass
3. Touch and type
Easily transition from keyboard to touchscreen input

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