Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Protect My Excel Spreadsheets with a Password?

Microsoft Word has several different ways to protect a document depending on the needs of the user. A creator of a document can password protect a document, set permissions or require other users to have a digital certificate to access the document.
For Microsoft Word documents (Word 2000 and newer), you can choose a higher level of security when saving a file. Rather than simply clicking "Save", click File, then Save As and follow these steps:
Step 1: Click on Tools in the upper right corner of the file save dialog box
Step 2: Click on Security Options
Step 3: The Security Options box provides a variety of options:
a. You can enter a password in the box next to Password to open if you wish the file to be completely inaccessible without the password
b. You can enter a password in the box next to Password to modify if it is OK for others to open the file, but you want to restrict who can make changes to the file
Step 4: The bottom of the Security Options box also provides some choices to protect the privacy of the document:
a. Remove personal information from file properties on save
b. Warn before printing, saving or sending a file that contains tracked changes or comments
c. Store random number to improve merge accuracy
Step 5: Click on OK to close the Security Options box
Step 6: Select a name for your file and click Save
However, we can not open the Word documents anymroe with the password forgotten or lost, then what to do? If you are using MS Word 2007, how to open or recover Word 2007 password? Is there any efficient tool for you to solveWord 2007 password recovery issue? Of course, you can download a tool to recover the password for your Word file, like Word Password Unlocker, which is efficient with advanced SSE and GPU tech.

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