Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Access Windows with User Password Forgotten?

If you have forgotten your Windows login information, the easiest way to access your account is by logging into an administrator account. This administrator account has enough control to fully manage your account, and remove the password. The other option is to use a password reset disk, but this method is available only if you've created the disk beforehand.

Ok, whether you have an administrative account or a password reset disk, you can follow the below steps to easily reset forgotten Windows password.

Reset Password with Administrative account
1. Restart your computer. At the login screen, type "administrator" in the username field. Type the password into the password field; if you have never set a password for the administrator, leave the field blank. Press "Enter."

2.Click "Start," type "lusrmgr.msc" into the "Search" field and press "Enter." Double-click "Local Users and Groups" and select "Users."

3.Right-click your user name with the forgotten password and select "Set Password." Type a new password twice to confirm, the press "Enter." Log out, then log in to your computer using your old user name and new password.

Reset Windows password with a Windows password reset disk
1.Try to log in to your account. When you enter the wrong password, you see a message stating that the username or password is incorrect.

2. Insert the flash drive or floppy disk you created previously.

3. Click "OK," then "Reset Password."

4. Click "Next" to continue through the Password Reset Wizard.

5. Use the drop-down menu to select the removable disk.

6. Enter the new password twice, and use the last box to create a hint.

7. Click "Next," then "Finish," to close the wizard.

8. Log in to Windows using the newly created password.


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