Friday, July 22, 2011

How to Manage Your Windows Password on Vista?

It's on the list of things you should always do: be courteous to delivery people, wash your hands, and keep track of login passwords. And even I have broken the rule. Just a few days ago, I tried to log into a seldom-used Vista installation, only to have forgotten my password. Since I don't use that PC often, I wasn't concerned about losing applications and data. But after spending ten minutes guessing various combinations, I gave up and reinstalled, costing another hour. Here's how to take better care of these keys, especially if you have a many logins.
For simple duplication, you could record each login and password, then store that document in a safe or somewhere only you have access. An off-side duplicate, such as a bank deposit box can be an aditional backup. Encrypted password-storage applications, such as SplashID andeWallet work even better, because even if someone else gets access to your password file, they won't have a way to unlock it.
Finally, you can create a Windows Vista password reset disck that will store a special unlocking key, in case your memory--and access--are blocked later. Insert a thumb drive, and visit the User Accounts Control Panel. Pick Create a password reset disk as a Task, and follow the wizard's instructions to enter your current password. Lock the thumb drive in a safe. If you ever need to use it, click Reset Password at the Vista login screen to restore access.
However, we Windows users always forgot to create a password reset disk and no idea on how to reset Windows password on Vista.
Ways to reset Windows Vista password are following:
1. Download Ophcrack. This program can reset  Windows password on Vista  easily. If you don't have access to any accounts on the computer you want to crack, you may need to use Ophcrack's Live CD. Check the Resources section for an article on using this tool, which boots a complete Linux operating system that runs Ophcrack.
2. Download Windows Password Unlocker. It is taken as one of the best  Windows password recovery tool to reset Windows password on Windows 7/Vista/xp and others. What you need to do is preparing a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive and burn it with an ISO file. Then,  you can reset Windows Vista password successfully.

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