Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Windows 8 Build 7989 Leaks

There’s been another leaked build of Windows 8, this time build 7989.  The build has a full title of 7989.winmain.110421-1285.615974c7346f7374 and was first reported as being available in the private forums of a beta website.  Now though many are saying it’s available elsewhere on the net too.
There have been several major leaks of Windows 8 builds in the last couple of months, however there’s no real information on how old these builds are.  Either way this is bound to drive excitement about the product despite the fact that many of the features within this build might either change radically, be replaced by something else or dropped from the final product completely.
1308293473 or 37671 Windows 8 Build 7989 Leaks
Here at Windows 8 News will always temper these leaks with a note of caution.  There’s no confirmation that this build is genuine and it’s been out for more than long enough now for virus and malware writers to have injected code into it before releasing it to torrent sites.
You should always therefore be very careful when downloading anything that isn’t directly from an official company website.
The formal announcements about Windows 8 from Microsoft are expected to be made this autumn.  Here they will unveil all the new features of the OS and also detail the timescale for closed and public beta programmes.  The final release of the OS is expected around October 2012, though this commentator expects that it could be available next August in time for the all-important back to college PCbuying period.
There is no information on what, if anything, is new in this build or if it includes all the tablet functionality that Microsoft demonstrated at an event last month.
There are many things arround Windows 8, like Windows password recovery,  Windows 7 update, Windows 8 unique features etc.
You can get more info from: http://windows8news.com/2011/06/18/windows-8-build-7989-leaks/

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