Friday, June 10, 2011

A Useful Video to Bypass Windows 7 Password

As the latest Office software and a good office helper, Windows 7 has been used spread over the world because of it's highly convenience. However, coins have two sides and unexpected things happen all the time, there're always times we forget Windows 7 password. Then, what should we do to bypass windows 7 password in no time?
Well, in front of this emergency, different person may react differently. To the ones who have Windows 7 password recovery tools, they may take it easily as a piece of cake; to the ones who got nothing in this field, they may try to pay extra money to the called expert in computer… Whatever the choice is, here we offer you another way to figure out your problem that is the Windows Password Unlocker which specially and powerfully worked on recovering Windows 7 Password.
As is known,  Windows Password Unlocker is highly thought as one of the best third party software to reset or bypass Windows 7 password.  For convenience, Password Unlocker Studio has created a vedio on how to reset  password on Windows 7 which is more  clear and effective for Windows users. There are 4 similar steps to follow:
1. Download and set up Windows Password Unlocker in any available PC
2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB to boot from this program
3. Bios settings
4.  Bypass or remove the Windows 7 password instantly, after that, you can log on your PC with a blank password.

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