Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Reset Password on Windows XP with Emergency Recovery Disk?

Sooner or later, everyone comes across an instance that requires them to reset the log in password for their computer. Sometimes it is because they purchased a second-hand computer and were not given the password, while other times they are resorting back to an old computer they haven’t used in a long time and have forgotten the password. If it is a standard user password, it is easy enough to log in as the administrator to change it, but changing the administrator password requires a little more technical aptitude. Fortunately, Windows XP allows these passwords to be reset so that you can regain control of your computer. Now, follow the next method to reset Windows password on Win xp.
Instruction 1: Use a second computer to access the Internet. You will need Internet access in order to download the files needed to unlock your computer and reset the password. This is a catch-22, since you probably can't boot up the computer to access the Internet. The good news is that any other computer will do, as long as it has Internet access and is equipped with a CD burner. You most likely have access to a computer at work, or know someone with a suitable computer, so this is not an impossible task.
Instruction 2: Download a special program that will allow your to create an Emergency Recovery Disk (ERD) that will unlock your computer passwords. There are several of these to choose from. Winternals ERD with Locksmith is probably the most popular, but there are many ERD software programs to choose from. All of them will effectively reset your Windows XP password. Refer to the Resources section, below, for a short list of ERD programs.
Instruction 3: Burn the ERD program onto a blank CD. You have now effectively created an emergency recovery disk that can be used to unlock and reset the passwords on any Windows XP computer.
Instruction 4: Insert the CD into your computer and reboot the system. As the computer attempts to boot up, it will detect the recovery program on the CD and run the program. Follow the on screen prompts to easily reset your Windows XP password to something you can remember.
Warning:This solution is only for those who need to reset a Windows XP password.

Well, further more, you still can take advantage of a third party software, like Windows Password Unlocker, which is considered one of the best and worthwhile Windows password recovery tool in the market. Before resetting Windows xp password, you only need to relax yourself and prepare a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive.

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