Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Log on PC without a Windows 7 Password?

Adding a default user to a Windows 7 system means that you will no longer be required to supply a user name and password for that account to log in to your computer which can avoid the vital trouble of Windows 7 password lost or forgotten. Even if other users are present on the system, this user account will be automatically logged in upon system reboot. Although the password serves as an important security barrier, if you trust the physical security of your computer removing the log-in step can save you time and simplify your computing experience. Then, let's figure out how to do to access into the PC without a Windows password.
Step1: Open the Run menu by holding the Windows key and tapping the "R" key.
Step2: Type "Netplwiz.exe", and press "Enter." This opens the "User Accounts" dialog.
Step3: Select a default user to log in automatically as in the "Users for this computer" list box.
Step4: Place a check mark in the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" field at the top of the dialog window, then click "OK."
Step5: Enter the password for the account you are enabling automatic login for twice when prompted, then click "OK."
Note:If you choose to have an administrative account automatically login, anyone who restarts the system will have complete access to your computer.
Of course, you can also take another way to avoid entering a Windows 7  password when you are going to login on the laptop. Some laptops with Windows 7 OS come with a fingerprint feature that allows a user to swipe his fingerprint instead of typing in a password to log into the computer. This feature may be impractical when guest users are attempting to log in.You can try to create a fingerprint for Windows 7 password now.
The above methods can easily used when you are forgot password on Windows 7.

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