Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slove Your Windows 7 Password Recovery Problem!

With Windows 7, you can set up several different user names and passwords, along with an Administrator password to access everything. While this is a smart security move, it can go awry when you forget your Windows 7 password. For security and legality reasons, Microsoft does not offer any way for you to recover your Windows password. However, legal third party software can help you by running thousands of passwords until it pairs one up with yours, resetting your password and providing access to Windows 7.
The day before yesterday, one of my nephew complained to me that she could not get through her Sony laptop which is given by her grandfather 2 years ago.  I thought she had to changed the Windows login administrator password, she said that she did not and there wasn’t an administrastor account in Windows 7.
Then we searched from the website, and finally we picked up a toolkit named Windows Password Unlocker, which has high rank and evaluation for Windows 7 password recovery only required a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
We went to Windows Password Unlocker official siteand download it. And follow the tutorial to start password reset on Windows 7. The simple steps are follow:
Requirement: a bootable CD/DVD (usb also available)
Recovery rate: 100% with less than 5 minutes
Steps on Windows Password Recovery:
  • >> Step 1: Burn a bootable CD/DVD to reset Windows password
  • >> Step 2: Set your target computer to boot from CD ROM
  • >> Step 3: Reset Windows password with the burned CD/DVD
Ok , this is the whole steps on Windows 7 password recovery with this powerful software. Any questions on this? Get its official site to get more info.

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