Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Create a Password Reset Disk in Windows 7?

If you have forgotten your Windows 7 password, you can retrieve it using the Password Reset Disk, which is a small file that you can utilize to reboot your password. If you have changed your password since using your reset disk, you can still modify it with the disk. Hiding your password reset disk in a safe place is essential to keep people from accessing your information. Resetting a Windows password on a disk requires a few steps to configure.
Today, I am going to discuss with you how to create a Windows 7 password reset disk, which can be easily done if you pay much attention on this. Before the workd goes on, you are informed to prepare the following devices:
1. A floppy disk drive.
2. A blank CD/DVD disk.
3. A computer with Windows OS.
4. Less than 5 minutes of time.
5. A sober brain.
Now, go ahead with me to create a password reset disk on Windows 7.
1.Start your computer. Login to the account for which you wish to create a password reset disk.
2.Insert the blank disk on your computer. Close the AutoPlay window.
3.Click “Start.” Type “user” in the “Search” box. Click “User Accounts.”
4.Click “Create a password reset disk” in the left column of the “User Accounts” window.
5.Click “Next” in the “Forgotten Password Wizard.” Select your “USB flash drive” in the “Drive” drop-down list. Click “Next.”
6.Type the “Current password” for your user account and click “Next.”
7.Click “Next” after Windows has created the disk, then click “Finish.”
Ok, you have sucessfully created a Windows 7 password reset disk for your Windows 7. Next time ,if you are want to reset or bypass  Windows 7 password , the little and portable device will do a great favor for you.

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